Common Sense

by heatherwhaley

I am fed up with the stunted, obstinate, greed which defines the tea party and its affiliated conspiracy groups who spout offensive rhetoric and lies, who would rather see America fail than to shut up and listen for a minute.  God did not give you the Constitution, but he did give you a brain.  I could here list a number of these offensive conspiracies, beginning with the shooting in Newtown being a hoax, and ending with Obama’s plan to invade your home and take away your weapons.  But I won’t.  Rather I will use this forum for something positive.



We need a new movement in America. A new party. The party of Common Sense. Here’s what I think it should look like.

Common Sense dictates when two people disagree about something very important, requiring action, such as the financial welfare of our country and it’s citizens, they each must bend a little to reach a positive solution.

Common Sense dictates that all people should pay a similar percentage of their wages to support our military, our schools, our infrastructure.

Common Sense dictates that more money should be spent researching how to harness wind and solar power than on trying to extract every last drop of fossil fuel from the earth, when the fossil fuel is going to run out anyway, probably sooner than we think.

Common Sense dictates that our greatest priority should be our children. The people entrusted with the immense task of educating our children, caring for them when they are not in the presence of their parents, and sadly sometimes giving their lives in protecting them, should be financially rewarded in an appropriate manner. Only by offering competitive salaries, can we expect to lure top graduates into the teaching profession. After all, this is America. That’s Common Sense.

Common Sense dictates that when our people are hurting, have suffered great loss due to natural disaster, we act swiftly to repair the damage.

Common Sense dictates that as our climate is changing, incentives should be given to people who are living in areas now more prone to natural disaster, to rebuild elsewhere, and for our infrastructure to include flood prevention measures.

Common Sense dictates that decisions affecting the whole should not be based on the religious ideology of some.

Common Sense dictates that scientific fact should not be ignored or invalidated without reason. The earth was not made in seven days, it is, in fact, over four and a half billion years old and more awesome and inspiring and humbling than any book could even allude to.

Common Sense dictates that morality does not come from a book. It is the responsibility of parents, schools, and communities, to shape character.

Common Sense dictates that a clear path to citizenship must be available to those living and working in our country.

Common Sense dictates that we help those living in poverty, we have a responsibility to feed the hungry.

Common Sense dictates that all people have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including the right to marry whomever you choose.

Common Sense dictates that as our weapons have evolved, so must our laws pertaining to them.

Common Sense dictates that art is important.  Art is the means by which we represent ourselves as a civilized society.

Common Sense dictates that women are deserving of rights equal to those of men.

Common Sense dictates that in our nation medical care should not be governed by the law of supply and demand, but by compassion and necessity.

Common Sense dictates that we do not inherit the earth from our parents, rather we borrow it from our children.  We must take care of it- not later, NOW.



Maybe, just maybe, if enough people agree with me, we could turn the tide of conservatism, greed, and obstinacy that has hijacked our nation, and build something truly great.