Heather Whaley


Month: September, 2010



You must watch this.  Ken Robinson is so clever, so inspiring and so RIGHT ON.

Tea Bagger’s Bible

We have heard a lot of talk from the Tea Baggers (sorry, I can’t stop calling them tea baggers) about the Christian intent of the founding fathers.  But I wonder, exactly which founding fathers they are talking about?  Here’s what Thomas Jefferson did to his Bible:

He took a pair of scissors to it.  He took out all the stuff about Jesus being the son of God, and performing all his miracles and magic tricks, and then rising from the dead, and he threw it out.  What was left is a pretty good philosophy, no different than the works of Plato, or Aristotle.  A set of rules guiding how to conduct yourself in the world.  Be kind to others, look out for those less fortunate than you.  What is not to like about that? It seems the Tea Baggers (loveitloveit) picked up Jefferson’s scraps and made their own Bible, leaving out all the stuff about love and kindness, and keeping all the fearsome, vengeful, Voldemort stuff.